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Our Team
Coming together is a Beginning. Keeping together is Progress. Working together is Success.

Instead of setting up a rigid administrative structure with the mechanized system of airtight compartmentalization, we have inducted the culture of pliancy at different echelons of the firm. Every crucial decision is being governed by   the methodology of participatory planning.  The members of the core team are not restricted within the ambit of their structured duty-schedule and finite responsibilities. Rather with utmost spontaneity they take part in each and every activity that can contribute significantly towards the growth of the organization.

However despite the group-work approach, the functional -specialization of each member of the core-team reveals their exclusivity and individuality.
Tanwisikha Chakraborty

Her  pedant and poised style of work , has turned her into the fulcrum of the administrative front. With sheer diligence she takes care of the intricate and ponderous managerial elements like process documentation, coordination, administrative-communication, accounting, inventory management etc. The instrumental tasks of document analysis and perusal of proposals are also well covered within her functional ambit.  She is playing the role of a sheet-anchor, alleviating the multifarious hiccups in the arena of administration and translating the institutional policies into tangible action. The entire group acknowledges her priceless contribution for facilitating the arduous task of subjugating the administrative adversities and steering our voyage steadily towards our pre-determined goal. 


Sumanta Chowdhury
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Being an expert of viability-analysis , he epitomizes the think-tank of the organization . As the principal planner of ABSC GROUPS, he is responsible for designing the rudimentary policy of the institution as well as the operational maneuver of the adopted projects. The task of heaving and harnessing appropriate manpower for project-implementation lies upon his reliable shoulders. With utmost vigilance, he analyses the progress of the projects and tries to extrapolate the reinforcing factors that may enhance the precision of the projects as well as the formidable factors that may vitiate the prosperity of the projects.  Accordingly he deploys strategic maneuver for intensifying the reinforcing factors and de-escalating the disruptive factors of the projects.

 Through relentless effort and impregnable diligence, the astute Chowdhury  tries to ensure perfect utilization of the project -inputs for harvesting the generation of optimum output , thus maximizing the profitability of the projects. 


Arnab Bagchi


ABSC GROUPS  is the brainchild of Arnab Bagchi..... an efficacious and adroit Hardware Engineer. 

Endowed with the A+ & N+ Certification from the renowned organization IIHT Arnab is presently the Proprietor as well as the chief functionary of ABSC GROUPS Through his hard work, dedication and tremendous conceptual clarity he has carved a distant niche for himself as an awe-inspiring Hardware Engineer.

Arnab Bagchi has also successfully carved his own niche as a priceless creative-designer. His intrinsic talent and achieved expertise have got judiciously amalgamated, thus branding him as a paragon of paramount creativity.




Rahul Choudhury


This department is spearheaded by our Technical Director --- Rahul Choudhury , a peerless marvel in the audio-visual fraternity . He has earned tremendous reputation in the industry by dint of his rock-solid commitment and astounding ingenuity.

A stellar concoction of modern technology and creative flair makes it possible for us to produce magnificent audio-visual publicity materials, with the aim of fostering the promotion of the products and services offered by our clients.

We start from the scratch and shepherd the projects towards the point of ultimate culmination. Our comprehensive profundity  in each and every fraction of film-making has turned us into   a turnkey consultant group taking care of multi-level functional aspects in the segments of planning  and as well execution. To be precise we deal with the following functional components : -

  1. Crystallization of the central concept of the ad-film  for brand-promotion  
  2. Composition  of the Story and Screenplay 
  3. Selection of suitable brand-ambassador so that his/her brand-personality gets inextricably intertwined  with the product/service that is getting endorsed by him/her
  4. Mobilization and orchestration of cast & crews and  deploying their potency in the most judicious manner
  5. To take complete care of Cinematography & Post- Production jobs with seamless precision



His perspicacious business acumen and visionary outlook are being judiciously deployed in the sphere of business development. Utilizing the amalgamation of potency & perseverance, Priyabrata is expanding the pipeline and steadily building up a colossal order book for ABSC BOOKS .